On March 18, 2019, RoinWorld completed work on site 19, the total volume of washed sand was 902,000 m3.

On March 18, 2019, RoinWorld completed work on site 19. First of all, geotechnical control was performed on the experimental site, after which a section of the fertile layer was carried out, followed by washing of sand, the total volume of which was 902,000 m3.

The sand was washed using dredgers along 6 lines of the slurry pipeline on 39 maps and 15 layers.

On this site, in addition to dredge-placed fill, the permanent slopes of the fill were also reinforced with monolithic concrete from external natural factors with a volume of 810 m3 (together with the support block) on an area of 4.120 m2 along the perimeter of 675 m.

It should be noted that more than 50 units of construction equipment were involved in work: excavators, bulldozers, soil compactors and dump trucks.

Initially, the vertical planning site 19 had a bowl-shaped complex landscape, which adjoined from the south-western side to the dam, the height of which is 6 m.

It is noteworthy that about 1.5 years ago, this site was a riverbed of the Ganges River.

Almost from the very beginning, the RoinWorld’s own laboratory took an active part in work, and in tandem with Construction Supervisors it carried out control over the layout and compaction of the soil. We would like to remind that site 19 is part of the vertical planning project, work on which has been carried out by RW specialists since April.