Roin World S.L. is a Spanish international oonstruction company which provides a full range of services in the construction of nuclear power plants. Roin World S. L. was founded in 2007 by a team of qualified professionals in the construction of nuclear facilities, luxury housing, logistics and international transport services. Executive officers of the Company are professionals in management of construction projects of nuclear power station VVER -1200. The company takes an active part in the construction of nuclear power plants in different countries: Ruppur (people’s Republic of Bangladesh), Akkuyu (Turkey).
The Company makes the most use of enormous experience in the installation and construction works, applying the latest industrial methods of construction, creating unique technical solutions that positively influence the pace and quality of the work.


Strengthening the company’s leadership position in the market of industrial construction, by implementing objectives, providing high quality at optimal cost and minimal execution period.


  • The main principles of our Company – operating in terms of transparency, partnership, integrity and responsibility.
  • Accomplishment of the goals, Over the years of successful work, we have accumulated an extensive practical experience which allows us to offer optimal solutions to our Customers.
  • Long-term and productive cooperation with our Customers – companies, leading in the construction of nuclear power plants around the world.
  • Professional development and career building, our company is rapidly growing every day, and our team of professionals is growing along with the company.
  • International Projects, the company takes part in the construction of nuclear power plants in different countries: Ruppur (People’s Republic of Bangladesh), Akkuyu (Turkey).


20 UMA – Nuclear turbine halls, installation of framed steel structures, sandwich panels, roof, fire protection
00 UGW – wastewater from wastewater treatment plants, controlled access zone
01 UGW – waste water pumping station, controlled access zone
01 UNY – Implementation of boiler utilities for central heating of the facilities
00 UZA – Utilities in place
UZA – Temporary road for the crane Demag
00 UEK – Storage for oils and diesel fuel
01 UBH – drainage emergency power and oil transformers
05 UGH – Filter unit
06 UGH – Radiographic alignment
00 UGH – Rain water treatment facilities in part 01