In the end of June, RoinWorld started works on the Training Centre facilities, particularly the installation of monolithic structures in the foundation pit, walls, columns, and floors below the level 0.000.

All the works are being performed in compliance with the approved construction design and estimate documentation, as well as the working documentation, the Project of manufacture of work, and the manufacturers’ documentation.

The estimated date of completion of the works is the end of September. The production of works is organized 24/7 in three shifts.

In concrete pours three types of concrete mix are used of the following brands:B-75, B-10, B-30.

7 units of construction machinery and 130 workmen participate in the work production.

The final scope of concreting works is estimated as 3736 m3.
We’d like to point out that the main target of the Training Centre NPP “Ruppur” is to train, maintain and improve the manpower knowledge and skills in order to perform safe operations of the NPP.