On the 1st of April, Roin World began preparatory work for the vertical layout of site 19. Site 19 is a kind of bowl, fenced around the perimeter of the dam, which he ight is 6m. It is noteworthy that just a little less than a year ago, this area was a river bed of the Ganges. Total square is of 120000м3. Currently, a program for the pilot site has been developed. The works complex allows to determine the optimal humidity and the maximum coefficient of sand compaction, which subsequently will be the basis for the following works on backfilling, vertical layout of the nuclear island of The NPP Ruppur. Until the end of autumn, the company Roin World plans to produce more than 1,000,000m3 alluvium of sand by the pulping method. The average length of the slurry pipeline of this section is 1100-1200m. According to the program, the optimal washing layer is set to 500mm. Accordingly, the alluvium will be produced in layers, including 12 layers (720.000m3), on each of which it is necessary to take samples of the compacted sand, only after reaching and obtaining the necessary results to produce the subsequent alluvium of the sand layer. On average, to optimize the work on this site, it is necessary to lay from 8 to 10 slurry pipelines. The construction equipment, including excavators, bulldozers, rollers and dump trucks, will be used to achieve the best results and meet the deadlines. Planned volume per day: from 8 to 10 thousand cubic meters of sand.